Friday, July 28, 2017

Frogs Day Out

Terry’s One-of-a-Kind Whimsical Folk Art Paper Mache’ Characters

Papier Mache Frogs

This proud frog is basking in the sun while

This tall well dressed proud frog is holding a 
Bunch of wild flowers.

My Family of Three Papier Mache Froges 

I have been working on these three paper mache frogs for a long time now. These three frogs have been on a shelf for years. I had them all built, but just couldn't find or make the time to paint them. I knew in my mind how I wanted them to look and knew I wouldn't get the effect I wanted with acrylic paint. The time they were on the shelf, I was working more with my air brush and opaque watercolor or guache. Gouache is an opaque watercolor paint and along with my air brush I would now be able to get the effect I wanted. Guess I just needed to hone my skills more.

A lily pad works just fine for a picnic.