Sunday, August 14, 2016


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My name is Terry, I am a self taught free lance artist and have worked in several different mediums over the years. Which I will be sharing on this Blog, some before and after works of my art as well.
I strongly feel I was put on this earth to make art. Its just something I have to do. Its called deep passion, it moves me, motivates me, and I live for the Arts. Art is life to me.
I hope everyone enjoys my art as much as I do creating it. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Eight Original Papier Mache’ Sculpted Halloween Trick orTreaters

 Sold on Terry Graber Studio

Unique Original Papier Mache Sculpted Halloween Characters a Series of Eight Signed, Numbered and Dated by Artist Terry Graber herself 

I have designed eight different characters using a wire armature, Papier Mache’, paper, paper clay, glue, acrylic paint and a wooden base. Painting all eight characters off the same pallet and adding the final elements these unique halloween trick or treaters take on a story line all of their own. Let your imagination run wild with your own story.